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Exactly how to change the pump oil in vacuum cleaner packing machine?

Prior to the oil modification, the pump must be actually competing 15-30 minutes, stop after the oil temp increases, open the oil connect, empty the oil, and then firm up the oil plug, maintain oil to the brand-new pump at pointed out height.If there is actually hefty air pollution, after that pour new oil to re-operation, to ensure the pump well-maintained sufficient. The solenoid valve should be actually washed for every three to six months of continuous operation.

Measures as adhere to :

A, get rid of the solenoid valve

B, open the solenoid shutoff, the valve seat, body system, core and sachet packing machine factory also springtime, put into the 90 # gas for cleaning

C, completely dry the gas on the components, after that install depending on to the order (just before the setup of iron must be actually coated along with a percentage of lubricating oil)

D, energy exam, if the valve possesses a tough vibration or even unusual noise, must re-remove the valve physical body, turn a certain slant and then re-installed, exam again till no sound.

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